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Der 30.08. ist „Frankenstein Tag“ (Frankenstein Day). Dieser Tag ehrt die britische Schriftstellerin Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley und ihr Meisterwerk „Frankenstein oder der moderne Prometheus“, das 1818 veröffentlicht wurde. Ihre Geschichte von einem jungen Studenten der Wissenschaften, dem es in heimlich durchgeführten Experimenten gelingt, eine menschenähnliche Kreatur zum Leben zu erwecken, zählt zu den bedeutendsten englischen Romanen der Schauerliteratur und hat bis heute nicht an Faszination verloren. Kein Wunder also, dass es vor allem im Film unzählige Interpretationen von Frankenstein und seiner Kreatur gibt. Geht es doch um Fragen der (Wissenschafts-)Ethik, Identität und Zugehörigkeit und schließlich auch darum, was einen Menschen eigentlich zu einem Menschen macht.


Mit genau diesen Fragen haben sich die Englischkurse mit erhöhtem Anforderungsniveau in ihrem zweiten Halbjahr unter dem Oberthema „Visions of the future“ beschäftigt. Der Englischkurs EneA22 unter der Leitung von Frau Pülm setzte sich nicht nur analytisch, sondern auch äußerst kreativ mit dem Roman auseinander. Zum Ende des Semesters verarbeitete der Kurs das Wissen in Filmen, Comics oder Texten, welche die Geschichte neu erzählen, zusammenfassen oder sogar erweitern.

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!

Text, Fotos: Pülm

Frankenstein-Video im Minecraft-Stil

Frankenstein-Erklärvideo gezeichnet


Comics von Elizaveta Rodin; Anna Duwe & Pia Dunkel:


Creative Task – The conflict of the cottagers

by Imke Hahn

The abrupt desire for departing of my children and Safi startled me. I could not understand why they wanted to leave that suddenly. Felix always stuttered about a gigantic creature that broke into our cottage and tried to attack me but I couldn’t recall any violent activities in my presence since my departure of Paris. The only thing that would partly fit would be the confusing visit of this delightful man that talked to me shortly before we left. I asked Felix why he seemed so traumatized by the meeting but he could not string two sentences together without falling into a fit of shivers and would again stutter of a monster that could kill us with a single swing of it’s gigantic arms. Slowly, I gave up upon finding any answer to this riddle. One night I overheard Felix talking to his wife about this creature and my curiosity awokeonce more. They were scared that it would follow them after they’ve driven them away and possibly enraged it. I decided to ask them tomorrow once again. The next morning came and with it the perfect moment to ask. Felix seemed exasperated at this renewed question because he sank into the seat and only answered in a small voice. I noticed that he had been thinking his answer through carefully for he answered slowly and made a lot of long pauses between his sentences. “I didn’t sense any aggression when this person came into the cottage. We had a pleasant talk and it seems that he was somebody who had a deep link to us even though we didn’t know him.” Felix started when he heard the pronouns I used but he didn’t say anything about it. “It was huge and inhumane. It’s enormous muscle strands were visible in every single movement it made and its face was misshapen and hideous.” I’ve already heard the description the evening before and I already had my answer ready: “But did he show any signs of aggressions towards me or you? Was it only its looks and height that made you think he was an enemy?” Felix was lost for words and in that moment, I knew that he already had these thoughts for the past month and that he had been fighting a constant battle in his mind. “You’ve already asked yourself these questions a lot of times, haven’t you?” Felix sunk even more in his chair and I could picture him looking into his lap and overthink everything over and over again. I left him some time to cope with my confrontation. “You question yourself and your decision, don’t you?” I felt the gaze of the women upon me but I put all of my attention towards Felix and his nearly not noticeable quiver. “If we meet him again, what would you do?” I heard a rustle of clothes and picture Felix looking up in horror. His shivers intensifiedand I felt him panic. I didn’t speak and left him the time he needed to overthink his answers and as he finally answered, it was hesitant and sounded scared: “I don’t know. The more I think about this possibility, the more I am afraid of the actions and outcomes. If I apologised, maybe this could enrage it even more and it would make even more damage than good. But if we fled again, there is a high possibility that it would follow us once more and seek revenge. I’m scared I will make the wrong decision once more.” I thought about his answer for a few moments and finally told him: “If I still had my sight, I might have made the same decision but I have been thinking a lot lately. If he returned, he would possibly be brought to his senses by us pouring out our hearts to it and asking for forgiveness.” Felix’ clothes rustled and I pictured him looking up slightly horrified because of the possible return and at the same time there is a shimmer of hope in his eyes. I knew my son and could picture every move of him. “I don’t judge you for your actions. As I said: I might have acted the same. But if there will be a possibility to apologies to him, please do for I’ve got the feeling that it is just a misunderstood person that seeks acceptance.” I heard Felix’ clothes rustle once more and I had the feeling that he nodded. He seemed to have remembered that my blind eyes couldn’t see his reaction for he said with a cracked voice: “I will.”

The moment to apologise never came and I doubt it will ever do. I hope he found his peace for Felix never did. After our conversation, he became very watchful and when he heard something large like a boar move through the woods, he would jump and look up like a startled doe. I couldn’t notice it myself but the women told me in worried tones. I really hope he finds his peace in the end but I highly doubt it.